As someone who takes the purchase of a blow dryer very seriously, I can confidently say that the Trezoro blow dryer has exceeded my expectations. After my previous Berta blow dryer died just before the 2-year mark, I knew I needed to find a replacement that was built to last. I searched for blow dryers made in the USA and stumbled upon the Trezoro, which had impressive reviews.

Upon receiving the Trezoro, I was immediately impressed with its lightweight yet powerful design. As someone with naturally curly hair, I was pleased to find that my hair came out even smoother than with my previous Berta blow dryer. It’s amazing how just changing the blow dryer can make such a huge difference in the final result. I use the same hair smoothing creme product and hairbrushes as before, but the Trezoro has definitely made a noticeable improvement.

The buttons on the Trezoro are easy to use and conveniently located. I appreciate the grippy type of material that the blow dryer is made of, which is an improvement over the plastic material of my previous Berta blow dryer. The grippy material ensures that the blow dryer doesn’t slip out of my hands during use.

While I am very pleased with my purchase, the ultimate test will be whether or not it lasts longer than 2 years. I understand that there are factors beyond the manufacturer’s control that can affect the lifespan of a product, but I am confident that the Trezoro blow dryer is built to last.

Overall, I highly recommend the Trezoro blow dryer to anyone in need of a high-quality, durable blow dryer. Its lightweight yet powerful design, ease of use, and grippy material make it a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable and effective blow dryer.

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