I had heard so many good things about JMW hair dryers, especially from Korean hairdressers who use this brand alongside the popular Dyson. When I was in Korea for about a month, I decided to purchase a JMW hair dryer for myself. I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I bought the cheapest one available on a Korean online shopping website. To my surprise, I was very impressed with the quality and performance of the hair dryer.

JMW AIR Storm Professional Hair Dryer - Ionic Ceramic, Lightweight, Quiet, Low Noise, Durable, Silent Blow Dryer, Best Powerful 1600W for Fast Drying

The JMW hair dryer was lightweight and easy to use. It had a powerful motor that dried my hair quickly and left it feeling smooth and shiny. I loved how it made my hair look and feel, and I was excited to bring it back home with me to the US.

However, I soon realized that using the JMW hair dryer in the US might not be possible due to the voltage difference. Even using an adapter could potentially damage the hair dryer, so I made the difficult decision to leave my favorite dryer behind in Korea and stick with my Dyson back home.

Unfortunately, the Dyson was not giving me the satisfaction that I had hoped for. It was taking longer to dry my hair, and it wasn’t leaving it as smooth and shiny as the JMW hair dryer had. So, I decided to look up JMW hair dryers on Amazon and found one that was compatible with US voltage.

I was thrilled when the JMW hair dryer arrived, and I have been using it ever since. The hair dryer is just as powerful and effective as the one I had in Korea. It dries my hair quickly and leaves it looking smooth and shiny.

The only downside of this hair dryer is that the buttons are awkwardly placed. It took me a little while to get used to them, but once I did, it wasn’t a big issue.

Overall, I highly recommend JMW hair dryers to anyone looking for a high-quality and effective hair dryer. They are lightweight, powerful, and leave hair looking smooth and shiny. Just make sure to purchase one that is compatible with your country’s voltage!

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