As someone who frequently travels and has naturally wavy/curly hair, finding the perfect travel hair dryer has been a challenge. I recently purchased a compact hair dryer with a diffuser, and I have been quite impressed with its performance. In this review, I will share my thoughts on this travel hair dryer, including its heating quality, weight, size, and diffuser.

First and foremost, the heating quality of this dryer is outstanding. Despite its compact size, the heat is comparable to my larger Conair infinity pro 1875. This is particularly important for me because I blow dry my hair straight in the winter and use the diffuser to lightly dry my hair in the summer. The heat on this dryer is perfect for both of these tasks.

However, the compact design of this dryer does come with a tradeoff. Although it is smaller and more portable than my larger Conair dryer, it is also quite heavy to use for extended periods of time. This can be particularly cumbersome when trying to style my hair in the morning. That being said, the air-drying quality is excellent and far superior to the much lighter Conair travel model. For me, the air quality is more important than the weight, but it is something to keep in mind.

In terms of size, this travel hair dryer is outstanding. It easily fits into my suitcase or carry-on bag without taking up too much space. The small diffuser that comes with the dryer is also a great size for travel and works well to create volume and definition in my curls. I appreciate that the diffuser is included with the dryer, as it can be difficult to find a diffuser that fits properly on a compact dryer.

One downside of this travel hair dryer is that it is not dual voltage. This means that it cannot be used in countries with different voltage requirements without a voltage converter. This is something to keep in mind for those who frequently travel internationally. However, for those who primarily travel within their own country, this should not be an issue.

Overall, I would highly recommend this compact hair dryer with a diffuser for those who prioritize air quality and don’t mind the weight. The heating quality is exceptional, and the small size makes it perfect for travel. The diffuser is also a great size and works well to enhance curls and waves. Although it is heavier than other travel hair dryers, the air quality is worth the tradeoff.

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