I plan on traveling frequently in the near future and needed a lightweight, versatile hair dryer to take on the road. After trying and returning several other models, I decided to order this one based on its positive reviews for being quiet, lightweight, and having a wider diffuser.

The product arrived wrapped in plastic and inside a box, and I was initially concerned about items moving around inside during shipping. However, I later discovered that the package included two hair clips and a rat tail comb that I didn’t realize were part of the sale. The actual dryer and attachments were securely placed in their designated spaces. The product looks very sleek and modern, and although it was advertised as black and yellow, it is actually black with copper accents.

Using a chemical laboratory scale, I weighed the dryer, cord, and diffuser, which came out to 1 pound 6 ounces. The diffuser is 5.25 inches wide, connects magnetically, and stays in place well. The dryer is very quiet (comparable to a Dyson hair dryer) and offers three air speeds and three temperature settings (cool, warm, and hot). It also has a cold shot button, although I’m not entirely sure how much of a difference there is between blowing cool air versus using the cold shot. The cord is long enough to allow for various styling positions without worrying about hitting your head on the vanity.

For my needs, the warm setting on the lowest air speed was sufficient. Despite only having 1600 watts of power, this hair dryer dried my hair quickly and smoothly, just as well as my professional-grade Dyson and Shark dryers (which are too heavy to take on the road with me). I didn’t experience any additional frizz, fried spots, or unruly curls. The only part of the dryer that got warm was the diffuser; the dryer itself stayed cool to the touch throughout its use.

The only downside for me was the placement of the air and heat buttons – I kept accidentally pressing them with my thumb and changing the temperature or blower speed. However, this is a minor issue and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it with more practice. Overall, I’m very happy with this hair dryer and would recommend it to anyone in need of a lightweight and efficient travel option.

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