I’ve had the opportunity to try out several different hair dryers with brushless motors, and while the Kauoo Ionic Blow Dryer isn’t my favorite, it has definitely earned a spot in my bathroom cabinet.

One of the first things I noticed about the Kauoo hair dryer is how premium and sturdy it feels in the hand. The magnetic attachment head is a nice touch that gives the unit a more upscale personality.

The LED color ring on the back of the unit is a bold and useful feature that helps identify which heat mode you’re on. The brushless fan has two speeds, low and high, which work well for my needs. However, I would like to see an additional fan speed option somewhere between low and high.

One unique feature of this hair dryer is that the hottest heat setting operates in a “wave” function, slowly ramping the heat up and down. While I would prefer a constant heat output, this behavior helps prevent scalding and damage to hair.

Another interesting aspect of the Kauoo hair dryer is that it has two filters: one located on the rear and another at the bottom of the handle. While I’ve never seen a hair dryer with two filter locations like this, I’m sure it helps improve airflow and prevent overheating. However, cleaning the inner metallic filters can be a bit difficult since they don’t seem to be removable.

Overall, while there are higher-performing hair dryers available for a slightly higher price, the Kauoo Ionic Blow Dryer is a great alternative that performs well enough to earn a spot in my bathroom cabinet.

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